Traveling Alone in China - How To Explore China Solo?

China is a popular tourist destination. It has a lot to offer travellers, and they flock the country by the masses year in year out. However, many people are wary about traveling to China alone. Although there are things you need to know about the country before you arrive, it is a relatively safe country even for solo travelers. In any case, whichever hazards you are likely to experience as a solo traveler will be the same even for those who travel with partners or in groups. Here are a few things you can do when travelling alone in China:

What To Do Alone In China

1. Visit The Parks

China has very many parks, especially in its major towns such as Beijing and Xian. Visit any of these modern amusement parks for tons of fun. You will also be able to see how dear the Chinese people hold community- it is evident in all the works of art that go on in these parks. You will be treated to hours and hours of fun from amateur actors and other artists that amuse tourists here. You might also want to visit the Chengdu Park in order to see the pandas. And you simply must visit the People’s park- it is one park that is buzzing with life.

2. Visit Historic And Scenic Places

Climbing the Great Wall of China is a top priority for most people who visit the country, and there is no reason you shouldn’t visit it when you travel alone. You might also want to visit Lhasa, which is also known as The City on the Roof of the World. Get to learn the story behind this intriguing name as well as experience its scenic beauty.

What To Expect In China

Although China is a beautiful country on the whole, there are a number of things that every visitor to the country must know about prior to arriving there. Here are a few of the challenges you should expect there, and tips on how to go about them:

1. Language Barrier

Unless you are conversant with Chinese, language will most likely be a huge problem for you especially if you get to visit places beyond China’s large cities. It is important that you learn basic Chinese phrases and greetings before your arrival. Also, consider purchasing a miniature Chinese- English dictionary that you can carry with you wherever you go, or even installing a free translation app in your phone. But most importantly, scribble the name of your hotel and your destinations on a piece of paper in both English and Chinese, or get someone else to do it for you. It will make communicating with taxi drivers that much easier. And if you ever get lost, the Chinese will recognize those names faster than if you struggle to pronounce them.

2. Scams

Another problem that every lone traveler to China must be wary of is the fact that there are so many scams in China. You have to be on the alert at all times so that you do not fall prey to any of them. Watch out for counterfeit money and the infamous Tea House Scam. So long as you are alert, you should have a great experience in the country.


Traveling alone in china is far from impossible or dangerous. It is in fact bound to be fun and fulfilling. Learning basic Chinese phrases and staying alert will go a long way in ensuring that your stay in the country is lovely.